Vegan Burger at Kat's Kitchen Keswick

Kat’s Kitchen – Vegan Restaurant / Café – Keswick

This is a must-visit restaurant for vegans or non-vegans who find themselves in the Keswick / Northern Lake District area.

Vegan Burger

Cuisine: Varied, all vegan – Baguettes, Nachos, Soups, Chillis, Curries, Dahls, Burgers, Cakes, Cookies, Smoothies, Hot Chocolate, ‘Milk’-shakes.
Opening Hours: 9am-4.15pm Mon-Sat, 9am-3.15pm Sun, may open later some days during peak season.
Location: 135 Main Street, Keswick, CA12 5NJ
Date Visited: July 2019
Price Range: £9-15 for a main course, lighter bites available.
Contact:  01768 772211
Charging: TBC

Kat’s Kitchen is the only place we know of in the Lake District that has an entirely vegan food menu, and the food is excellent. As such we think any vegan visiting the Lakes should make a point of going to support it. The meals are sufficiently hearty and filling that non-vegans will also find options they can enjoy. So don’t be afraid of suggesting (or insisting) on visiting even if your group contains some reluctant omnivores.

Note that they do have some non-vegan drinks, so check the menu or with your server when ordering.

The restaurant is small and rustic feeling, with wood panelling and exposed beams. Tibetan prayer flags and other Central Asian decorations reinforce the new-age vibe. This isn’t just empty marketing though, their “Pantry Shop” sells reusable straws and coffee cups as well as a range of pulses, rice, spices, dried fruits, nuts, pastas, soaps, hygiene products. You can bring your own containers for zero-waste shopping. They are living by their eco-friendly principles.

Our food was rich and delicious. As a restaurant that caters specifically for vegans the meals are filling and complete in their own right. Other restaurants often treat vegan options as an afterthought and as a result the offerings are bland and unsatisfying. Kat’s Kitchen have crafted dishes that feel like a proper meal.

There is also an extensive range of drinks that aren’t usually available for vegans – hot chocolate, home-made chai, smoothies, ‘milk’-shakes and their signature Golden Milk which blends turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper and is delicious. All are available with a choice of 4 different plant milks.

We didn’t have desert but there was a tempting array of vegan cakes with gluten-free options as well. When we return we promise to try a wide selection of them – purely for the sake of writing a good review, of course.

While we wouldn’t say there were any negatives about the place, there are a couple of things to be aware of. It shuts quite early – 4.15pm most days – so it can be difficult to fit in a visit after a long day walking on the fells. We would love it to be open for evening meals as well, the food is certainly good enough. It’s possible that it opens later some days in peak season, but you’d have to check their Facebook page or call them to confirm.

It’s not the biggest place, so if you have a large group (8 or more) it might be worth checking before you set out to see if they can accommodate you. There is outdoor seating, so if the weather is warm enough then it will be no problem for large groups.

They serve their burgers on wooden boards, which looks very appealing but the burgers are sufficiently succulent that we did worry about juices running over the side of the board. Not the biggest problem, just one of those quirks of new-fangled food presentation fads.

Overall this is an excellent restaurant, leading the way in vegan food offering in the Lake District. We went twice and will go again, many times we hope.

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