The Kings Arms – Pub – Ulverston

Traditional British pub with a vegan pizza and a very delicious vegan hot dog on their regular menu. Usually a vegan nut roast available on Sundays.

Cuisine: Hot Dog or Pizza, Nut Roast on Sundays
Opening Hours: Check website (varies at time of writing due to COVID rules)
Location: 35 King St, Ulverston LA12 7DZ
Date Visited: Oct 2020
Price Range: £8-11 for a main course
Contact: 01229 480728
WiFi: Patchy
Device Charging: No

This pub came highly recommended by the lovely people at @ulverstonveganguide on Instagram. Their Monday to Saturday menu just has pizza or a hot dog as vegan options, so we ordered one of each.

The Vegan Dog surprised us with how good it was. The “dog” itself was large and really tasty, more so than any hot dog I’ve had either before or since becoming vegan. The bun was sizeable, filled with a generous helping of caramelised onion and topped with ketchup and mustard (we had opted for the classic filling rather than the alternative Mexican salsa). It came with a big bowl of fries too, so it was excellent value overall.

The Vegan Delight pizza was also very good. A healthy quantity of veg and loads of pesto. They offered me vegan cheese on it too, which isn’t a standard option, they just realised they had some in the kitchen. They didn’t know we were from a website, they were just being nice, which was thoughtful of them. The homemade pizza base was delicious.

We’ve read that on Sundays they do a home made nut roast as a vegan option which is nice as so many places seem to forget vegans when doing roast dinners. Booking may be advisable for this, especially while COVID distancing is still in place.

Unfortunately we forgot to ask about vegan desserts as we were too full from our mains (and the vegan scones we’d eaten earlier at Gillam’s Tea Rooms). The Sunday Roast menu did have a vegan crumble on it, but this may change week do week, so best to check in advance if dessert is a deal breaker for you.

It’s worth noting that they do a deal for 4 pizzas and 4 pints for £40 which really is excellent value. Only available Monday to Friday 12-6pm. And they have Iron Maiden’s The Trooper beer which wins them bonus points in our book. We don’t know if that’s a regular option or a guest ale though.

Overall The Kings Arms in Ulverston has come up with some really tasty and excellent value options for vegans. The only downside is the slight lack of choice. If they could add a vegan option to the Ciabatta, Salad, Pub Classics and Burger sections of their menu there’d be something for everyone. But it’s well worth a visit and certainly the best evening meal option for vegans in Ulverston.

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